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Just For Fun

     Lately things have been a bit stressful where the rescue is involved, and although running my non profit is a huge part of my life it is not my entire life. I try not to let it consume all my time and energy. While in the midst of the farmer’s market season I don’t have time to work on a big studio project, I do like to do a little crafting. I thought I would share a project idea some of you may enjoy, especially if you have kids in your life. But even if you don’t, it is always fun to engage your imagination. Awhile ago I saw these tiny pots for sale and bought a lot of them, without any particular project in mind. But they were just too cute to pass up.

     I decided it would be fun to make a little fairy house pot.

Make your own fairy house!
Make your own fairy house!

My grandmother was Irish, and so growing up I heard about one particular type of fairy, the sidhe, (pronounced shee). These are woodland fairies. The word means something that controls the elements. Fairies were believed to love animals and nature and people wanted them around. Like people, they need homes and many people put fairy houses in their gardens to attract fairies. In the 1800’s, many people in Ireland as well as other countries truly believed in fairies, and it was very common to go on fairy sightings in the country. Today it is still very popular to make fairy houses for gardens. And although this project is mostly for fun, why not  just go ahead and  truly believe fairies exist!

Two of the fairy pots I made
Two of the fairy pots I made

     A fairy house can be anything in your imagination. There is just one thing it needs: a door. Like people, fairies need a way to get in and out of their home. For gardens, people often make whole houses, but all you need to attract woodland fairies is a door. Here is how I made my fairy pots:

You will need:

A few simple supplies are all you need!
A few simple supplies are all you need!
  • Patio paint or acrylic paint (patio paint is specifically formulated for terracotta and works a little better)
  • a small amount of polymer clay and texture sheet
  • superglue
  • a small bit of moss or tiny plant
  • a small (2″) tile for the base
  • a small terra cotta pot
  • Your imagination, of course!

Directions: Paint your pot as desired and allow the paint to dry. Roll out a small amount of clay then run it through a pasta machine (for clay, not for food use, if you have one) with a texture sheet, or simply press the texture into the clay with a roller. If the clay sticks to your texture sheet, spray it first with a little water and try again. Cut out your door shape and bake per manufacturer’s instructions on a tile. Remove the clay from your oven and allow to cool slightly, but when it is still warm and pliable gently press it onto the clay pot so the shape conforms to the pot. Allow to cool completely, then attach with superglue. Add your base (I covered my tile with moss) and a bit of moss or plant to the pot itself and you are done!

To create the door you can either use colored clay or white clay that is painted. I painted white clay. My versions will be for sale at the Mahtomedi Farmer’s Market on Saturday. If you love animals it is always a good idea to attract a few fairies to your house to watch over them!

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