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Love Me, Love My Bird

      For many of us the significant people in our lives, whether that is a partner, family, or close friends, don’t quite get our love of parrots. And as someone involved in rescue, I don’t even particularly think they should be in homes. But here they are, part of the pet trade industry, and captive bred birds can not easily have either their bond to humans broken or be taught how to survive in the wild. Recently I posted a bird shaming video’ on my Facebook page. Of course it is meant to be funny but it is the reality of having a parrot in your home. In fact, it doesn’t even fully portray the destructive nature of birds, or touch on other behaviors such as biting and screaming that may also be part of keeping essentially a wild animal in your home.

Make homemade focaccia with my gourmet mix

     I am always thinking about fun and creative ways to support the rescue, as well as make amends for bringing birds into our home. I decided to put together a gourmet pasta basket so my fellow bird lovers can prepare an easy meal for their friends or family. It features my gourmet pasta sauce, and also includes a focaccia/ breadstick mix (you can make either with it), and a dessert mix as well as a few other goodies. Everything is easy to make, although you do need to allow enough time for the bread to rise and the cookies to bake, and you need some basic kitchen appliances and supplies. I design my mixes for the novice cook, although experienced foodies will enjoy them too. I am only making a limited number of baskets, and you can place an order for one here. They will be ready for pick up on March 26th at our social which will be from 11 am to 2 pm at 960 Mahtomedi Ave. in Mahtomedi, MN. I will also have individual jars of homemade pasta sauce for sale as well as my focaccia mix and more soup! Come and sample my pasta sauce with either organic pasta or a gluten free substitute!

     Our first social for the rescue was a big success so we decided it would be fun to try and host one a month. I will be featuring different food products and offering items for sale, with proceeds supporting Parrot Rescue Services.  It is  also a great time to meet other parrot lovers and talk to people who have dedicated their lives to caring for parrots who are looking for a place to call home.

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