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Every Day, A Gift

     To say I space my posts out is sort of an understatement. And this is more of a post to just say I haven’t abandoned this blog entirely despite evidence to the contrary. My latest project has been creating a backyard sanctuary, both for myself and the little denizens of the suburbs: toads, treefrogs, birds, squirrels, rabbits, ducks, geese, and the like. I will be posting photos of my progress soon. It is definitely a labor of love as previous summers have been spent focusing on selling at area farmer’s markets, which meant I largely ignored the flower gardens I put in years ago. It isn’t possible to work seven days at the rescue, be creative, spend time with my family, keep up on housework, take care of my mom (who has dementia), work in the yard, keep my websites up to date, and make soap, salsa, jam, all while trying to  maintain my own sanity. What ends up happening is I rotate priorities, with one thing or another becoming the main focus of the day. Right now what free time  I have is being spent on the yard, and I am neglecting less pressing tasks like posting in my blog. It does leave me feeling each day like I am always behind, as  I always have so many projects to tend to,  but I do try to be mindful each day and focus on what I can get done in this moment.

     Summer is an all too brief time in Minnesota, so it’s important for me to be outside as much as possible. And while November and the Handmade Holiday Sale seems too distant to contemplate, the fact is both will be here before I know it, so I am starting to get ready for the boutique as well. It has become my once a year creative outlet; where I once attended art fairs throughout much of the year, I now spend my creative time coming up with as many crafts as I can to sell at the boutique. It’s a lot of fun, and I enjoy a good craft project as much as I once enjoyed creating art. Perhaps even more so; for crafts allow me to be creative while still feeling productive.  It’s all about living in the moment, and what allows me to get the most out of each day. It’s always in the back of my mind that I want to get back to creating art, but I can’t deny the happiness I feel finding toads in the backyard or watching birds visit my various water features, or spending the afternoon at the Minneapolis Institute of Art with my son, who loves museums of any kind. It is, in fact, how I spend at least one afternoon a week in the summer;  going to various museums or field trips with him. I am all too aware of how fleeting this time in my life will be; the time when he actually enjoys hanging out with me.

     At the rescue, things are as busy as always, with more requests for birds than I possibly have the time or the space to help. Every day, I have to remind myself than I am doing all I can. My dad, who died a little over five years ago, was fond of typing up quotes on index cards from books he liked. I saved a number of them, intending to find the books and  read them. This one is from a book called Guests of My Life  by Elizabeth Watson. “I have been learning…that when we accept our finiteness realistically and without bitterness, each day is a gift to be savored. Each day becomes a miracle…I am learning to use the time I have more wisely, so that death will not catch me with too much undone, too many projects incomplete. But I am learning to work without fretting, and I am finding that there is time for every purpose under heaven.”


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