photo by Imtiaz Khan

I am a mosaic artist primarily; although for many years I worked in watercolor. But I also have a passion for crafts, including making soap, candles, jam, and salsa. I also enjoy sewing and quilting.

I am an artist, crafter, gardener, and passionate about birds. Avalon Parrots was opened in 2003 as brick and mortar store to help share my love of art and birds. In 2019, I moved the store online.

Along this journey, I began taking in companion parrots in need of a new home. This eventually led to establishing a nonprofit organization to help care for the birds, which I still manage. Just prior to the pandemic, I had made the decision to relocate my business to a home studio and close my retail store. I love the freedom working from a home studio gives me and since 2020 have been making custom stepping stones full time. Art and artisan gifts can be found in my Etsy shop. Home canned goods and food gifts are available on this site.

I still offer a small selection of parrot food here as well but no longer offer boarding or accept new birds as part of the nonprofit sanctuary.

What I Do

Custom Mosaics

Garden Art

Glass on Glass Mosaics

Wall Mosaics

Custom mosaic stepping stone

This is an example of my custom work; it is Caique and Sun Conure stepping stone I made for a buyer in California. I sell my custom mosaics throughout the United States.