It can be difficult to get away on vacation when you own birds. Not only is it difficult to find someone knowledgable to care for them, but birds are so social that it can be difficult for them when no one is around for an extended period of time. Additionally, even a trusted friend may not know what to do if there is an injury or your bird becomes ill. Birds will hide their illnesses, even to the point of pretending to eat, so someone without much experience with birds may not even recognize an issue until it is too late.
If all this makes you think you’ll never be vacationing again, relax! We offer boarding for birds of all sizes.
Commonly asked questions:

Do I need to bring my cage?
No. We have cages of all sizes and will be able to house your bird adequately.

How about perches and toys?

It is not absolutley essential, but your bird will be happier and more comfortable if you do. It is a good idea to bring whatever perch they prefer to sleep on and favorite toys.

I don’t want to clip my bird. Can I still board with you?
With the exception of cockatiels, lovebirds, and budgies, all other birds must be clipped for their safety. We can’t board any other species if they aren’t clipped.

With all the birds out, how will you ensure mine will be safe?
We are very careful! Also, the ‘store birds’ are so used to seeing birds come and go they don’t get too excited when someone new is here. We keep all the store birds clipped and for the most part keep the boarding birds in a separate area. Some of our regular boarders have a ‘bird buddy’ at the store and then we will house them next to each other. We do ask that you assume the liability when leaving your bird here.

Do you provide the food?
If you shop here and buy food from us we will feed your bird whatever you do. However, if it is a product that we don’t carry, you will have to provide the food, as well as any treats. Every morning all birds get one of our cooked blends and fresh fruit. If this isn’t something you do at home you’ll be surprised at how much parrots enjoy our cooked food recipes!

What happens if my bird gets hurt or sick while being boarded?
When you drop off your bird for boarding, we take contact information including cell phone numbers and your emergency instructions. We will follow your instructions. In the event that we cannot contact you, we will do what is best for your bird, and use our store vet clinic, Cedar Pet Clinic. You will be responsible for any medical bills.

What are your health requirements?
It is extremely important to us that all our birds and our staff stay healthy, and so we require that your bird has had a general exam in the last two years, and also that it has been tested for Psittacosis. We are unable to board birds that have not had an exam and testing.

What are your fees?
We charge $14.00 per cage. If you are boarding two birds that stay in the same cage you will only be charged $14.00 If they are housed in two separate cages it is $28.00 a day. If you are boarding three or more birds the charge drops to $10.00 a day (per bird) Charges start on the drop off day and every subsequent day including the pick up day if you pick up later than three hours after we open for that day. Mondays we are closed for retail business but you may pick up your bird between 10:00 am and 1:30 pm without being charged for that day. We also offer long term boarding options for stays of more than 30 days. Please call the store for a quote.

My bird bites, and doesn’t like anyone but me. How will you handle this?
We are used to this! It is not a problem. Often birds act quite differently when their owner is not around, but regardless we have the skill and experience to deal with all sorts of personalities.

How do I schedule a stay?
Call 651-762-1151 or email us at to schedule a stay. If you will be gone over a holiday, call as soon as you know your dates. We fill up very quickly around holidays and school breaks like Spring break. If this is the first time you have boarded with us you are welcome to bring your bird for a visit (after we see proof of testing) or to visit yourself. Please feel free to call if you have any other questions or concerns.

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