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An Elvis Update

     A lot of my time and energy at the rescue goes toward helping birds adjust to a new life. Some do better than others; just like with people birds all handle stress differently. When a bird has been traumatized there is no way of really knowing how they will do in a home. It takes time and patience, and often what we see at the shelter is not the same behavior that one sees in a home. Continue reading An Elvis Update

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Elvis Has Entered the Building!

     Yesterday my son and I drove to my friend Kathy’s house in Eden Prairie to pick up Elvis. Leaving the dark basement he called home for so many years to then find himself in her bright, uncluttered home surrounded by trees must have been quite a shock for him.( Read his story here ) I can’t imagine how it must feel to go from almost complete sensory deprivation to sunshine, light, and laughter. To give you an idea of how cluttered the home was, Kathy had to hold the small traveling cage (approximately 16 inches wide) high over her head to squeeze through the mounds of trash and junk in the home to get down to the basement. Continue reading Elvis Has Entered the Building!

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How NOT to Care for a Bird

This is how  NOT to care for a bird.

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I have been contemplating various topics for my first post in my bird care 101 category. There are many things that can be covered: the dangers of Teflon, proper diet, providing proper exercise and mental stimulation, and many other, well, basic topics. Some facts regarding bird care are straightforward and unchallenged, such as Teflon kills birds. Yet this tragedy is something I hear about nearly every week and so discussing the dangers of Teflon seemed like a good place to start. It should be basic knowledge, but apparently that is often not the case. Continue reading How NOT to Care for a Bird