Custom Art

Functional art for your garden

My stained glass custom made mosaics are created one at a time from my own original drawings or designs. They are mounted onto concrete blocks and designed to last for years in all weather conditions. This page showcases some of my finished commissions. I work directly with the buyer to ensure you get the piece you want

Parrot Stepping stones

I do both custom work and can replicate an existing stone. No two pieces are exactly the same, but if you like this design, I can make one for you.

Geometric Stepping Stones

I love working with repetition and pattern. I can create a geometric stone in a color palette of your choosing.



Koi Stones

Another one of my favorite mosaic subjects is koi. I’ve made both natural images and more stylized versions. Again, I can work with a color palette of your preference

I work hard to keep the buyer part of the process and welcome input as I work on a custom piece.