Garden Quilt Block, Set of Two


Create a unique garden installation with my custom geometric blocks. Sold individually, a single block makes a lovely accent for a small area or outdoor table. Grouped together, they create a stunning display for your garden. The blocks can be rearranged or displayed in any number of ways (except vertically) depending on how many you purchase.
Each block measures 4″ x 4″ and is approximately 2″ deep. I individually cast each cement block and then cut the glass mosaic to fit. It is adhered to the stone with outdoor adhesive and completed with a polymer outdoor grout. The grout is then sealed.
I use a combination of translucent and iridescent glass which will pick up the light outside.
Run several blocks down the center of a table for a lovely outdoor centerpiece or use an individual block as a base for a candle.
For more than six blocks, contact me for a quote. Custom orders take approximately two weeks to ship.


With my blocks, you can create a custom design for your garden.

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Weight 4.0 lbs


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